Finance & Legal


Our aim is to provide the best-quality financial service and advice to our teammates while minimising the impact of legal compliance issues on decision making.  Oh, and we also have fun while we’re at it.


Focusing on contracts, trademark and domain protection and keeping on top of the current case laws of Germany and the EU keeps us busy.  The desire to keep legal threats and matters away from business operations keeps us motivated.

Voices from the team

"In trivago's legal team, no two days are alike. Because trivago is an internationaly active company, I expand my knowledge in international law every day. This is quite challenging but also extremely important."

Patricia Frechen

"Some might think that working as an accountant is monotonous. At trivago, this couldn't be further from the truth. I have the chance to work closely with my colleagues from all departments on very diverse tasks. I apply my wide financial expertise to my job every day, but also constantly learning new things."

Katrin Müller