Business Intelligence


Whether it’s finding out how our website tests are performing, how hotel prices develop, which marketing campaigns are directly boosting our business or how much value a keyword has on our bidding algorithm, we’re the team trivago goes to with the big questions.  Using cutting-edge analytics, we generate sharp business insights from billions of rows of data to consult.

Voices from the team

"Our product team loves to test new features and designs on our website. One of my tasks is to analyze those tests. Based on my analysis, we decide if you click on green or blue buttons for example. It's great to know that my work influences what millions of people see when visiting our website."

Toni Linnebrügger

"What I love the most about my job is experiencing how powerful data is in driving important business decisions.
It is extremely rewarding to work at a company that truly values the power of proof. "

Anastasia Tsitali